ICOMOS Georgia is a non-governmental, non-profitable professional organization established in 1993 as the Georgian National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). ICOMOS Georgia is dedicated to promote high professional standards of conservation based on ICOMOS charters, declarations and recommendations through knowledge dissemination, awareness, and pilot programmes at national, regional and international levels. ICOMOS Georgia unites 29 individual and 1 institutional member of ICOMOS and collaborates with wide multi-disciplinary professional conservation, academic communities, organisations and civil society.


“ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, is a global non-governmental organization associated with UNESCO. Its mission is to promote the conservation, protection, use and enhancement of monuments, building complexes and sites. It participates in the development of doctrine and the evolution and distribution of ideas, and conducts advocacy. ICOMOS is an Advisory Body of the World Heritage Committee for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO.” ICOMOS currently has 110 National Comittees and 28 International Scientific Committees.

ICOMOS Georgia Public Discussion –
Cultural Landscapes and Georgia
The Event took place at 16:00 on 20th of May, 2022 at the Yellow Hall of the Heritage Resources Centre.
– What is Cultural Landscape?
– How is the Cultural Landscape defined?
– What are the specificities of Cultural Landscape in Georgia?
– What does Cultural Landscape Conservation mean and what are the instruments?
Cultural Heritage sector specialists and people interested in Cultural heritage attended the event and discussed abovementioned as well as other Cultural Landscape related issues.
Speaker – Luisa De Marco, World Heritage Advisor, ICOMOS.
Panel members:
Marine Mizandari, Co-Chair of the National Trust of Georgia;
Manana Suramelashvili, Chubinashvili Research Center, ICOMOS Georgia scientific council;
Tsitsino Chachkhunashvili, Chubinashvili Research Center, ICOMOS Georgia scientific council;

Moderator: Nato Tsintsabadze, President of ICOMOS Georgia.

Presentation of the Publication –
‘Traditional Tbilisi Dwelling Conservation Manual’
The Manual was elaborated within the project – ‘Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site’, implemented by ICOMOS საქართველო in cooperation with Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren) and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Director of Riksantikvaren Mrs. Hanna Geiran, Ambassador of Kingdom of Norway in Georgia, Helene Sand Andresen, Former Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of Norway, Mrs. Maia Kipshidze and representatives of Riksantikvaren attended the event on 27th of April, 2022.
Celebrating International Day of Monuments and Sites!
In compliance with the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) 2022 theme of 18th of April  – “Heritage and Climate”, ICOMOS საქართველო conducted workshop on ‘Traditional masonry mortar and techniques’.

👇 16-17 April, 2022.
ICOMOS საქართველო invites students, emerging professionals and craftsmen to participate in the workshop! Two-day certified workshop provides theoretical component on Tbilisi mortar and traditional lime mortar study results, preparation techniques and practical activities.
For registration, send your CV to the email address: info@icomos.org.ge
Workshop is conducted within celebration of 18th of April – International Day of Monuments and Sites.
International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) presents 2022 theme – “Heritage and Climate”, which highlights role of cultural heritage in Climate action.

Open Statement of Baltic, Belarus and Georgian ICOMOS National Committees to Board of ICOMOS International Considering Ukraine

On behalf of ICOMOS Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Georgia, please find below our common letter to ICOMOS International Board concerning the situation in Ukraine.

We fully support the Statement on Ukraine by ICOMOS on February 24. We continue to follow the ongoing invasion in Ukraine of Putin’s regime as well as arrests of peaceful protesters against the war in the Russian Federation and Belarus. We applaud actions already taken by governments, organizations and citizens in support of Ukraine, but more needs to be done.

It obliges us to request additional actions from ICOMOS:

1. to condemn the Russian Federation’s military invasion and war in Ukraine as crimes against humanity and war crimes

2. to condemn Putin`s regime violations against Human Rights in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

3. to offer all help possible to Ukraine on behalf of ICOMOS International

4. to not to conduct or support any international events in the Russian Federation, to ask UNESCO not to have meetings in aggressors’ territory

5. to support any way possible the BlueShield International procedures regarding protected cultural properties in Ukraine

We pray for Ukraine and for all the lives of the soldiers and civilians involved in the war.


Ave Paulus, ICOMOS Estonia, President   

Katrina Kukaine, ICOMOS Latvia, President
Dainius Elertas, ICOMOS Lithuania, President
Stsiapan Stureika, ICOMOS Belarus, President
Nato Tsintsabadze, ICOMOS Georgia, President

ICOMOS Georgia – Annual Meeting 2022

‘Survey and Documentation of Islamic Baths in Georgia’ (Historic Samtskhe and Kakheti regions)
ICOMOS საქართველო is happy to support prominent Georgian scholars, Tsitsino Chachkhunashvili and Irine Elizbarashvili in implementing the project funded by The Barakat Trust. The main aim of the project is to reveal and study-documentation of Islamic Baths located in some cities of South-West and East historic regions. As a result, e-report of the study will be published.

Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site – Project Closing event took place on 9th of December, 2021
The project was implemented by ICOMOS Georgia in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Directorate of Norway (Riksantikvaren) and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili, Charge d’Affairs of Norwegian Embassy in Tbilisi Marko Soldic, representative of Riksantikvaren Vegard Breggard attended the Official reception.

Within the US/ICOMOS International exchange program 2021 ICOMOS Georgia is pleased to host Ms. Estefania Barreto for the Autumn internship. Considering her background as an Art Historian and Historic Preservation professional, we believe that the internship will be mutually beneficial! We wish for a successful collaboration!

Joint Statement Joint statement by ICOM Georgia, ICOMOS Georgia and Georgian National Committee of Blue Shield Regarding the building of the Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts and the collections preserved in it

Within the ICOMOS Georgia Summer Internship Tamar Cherkezishvili was selected as an Office Assistant. Tamuna is a student of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and she is already a member of the ICOMOS Georgia family as well!

European Cultural Heritage Green Paper – Executive Summary

ICOMOS has issued a new version of the European Quality Principles for EU-funded Interventions with potential impact upon Cultural Heritage.

Georgian translation of the short version of the European Quality Principles’ document is available!

Urban-Architectural values of the Resort Tskaltubo and its preservation measures

Tamar Amashukeli, 8th of February, 2021

21st of December, 2020 –

General Assembly of ICOMOS Georgia

Workshop on “Preparation, use and maintenance of the Traditional Mortar of Tbilisi Historic House”

Organised by the ICOMOS Georgia and Norwegian Directorate  for Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren), under the auspicious of National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation Georgia, Practical Seminar – “Preparation, use and maintenance of the Traditional Mortar of Tbilisi Historic House” has been conducted on 5-6th of September, 2020 within the ICOMOS Georgia pilot programme – “Sustainable Development of Heritage Site”.  Practical Seminar was designated for students already obtaining Bachelor degree and for emerging professionals. The two-day workshop included Theoretical knowledge sharing (Historic Context of the Traditional Construction materials; Mortar Conservation Principles, etc.) as well as practical works (Preparation of different types of Mortar; Construction of the small sized wall, etc.).

After the two very informative and extensive Workshop days, Participants were awarded with certificates. Workshop ended with an interesting discussion and hope for the future cooperation between ICOMOS Georgia and Seminar Participants.

Workshop on Traditional Building Materials and Technics – Mortar for Tbilisi Historic Buildings

Toshiyuki Kono, President of ICOMOS and Mikel Landa, President of the ICOMOS Advisory Committee to ICOMOS Members, heritage professionals and Wider Society!

ICOMOS and COVID-19: Heritage as a cornerstone of human, social and economic recovery

18 April – International Day for Monuments and Sites!

ICOMOS Georgia Social Media Campaign to celebrate 18th of April 2020 theme – Shared Culture, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility!

Author: Manana Suramelashvili

“People are born only with pure nature, and only then fathers make them Jews, Christians or fire worshipers” – Saadi.

Oni Synagogue, Akhaltsikhe Rabati Mosque and Madrasa

History of humanity is full of stories about peoples’ settlement examples on the foreign lands. These kind of experiences are well-known to us as well and that is how we became sharers and responsible for the foreign heritage.

Built in 1895, Synagogue in Oni is distinguished with its size and artistic value in the Caucasus. It has similarities to the big Synagogue of Warsaw exploded by fascists in 1943. In 1930ies, during communist repressions, Synagogue in Oni was also under the threat, but it has been preserved with the joint efforts and sacrifice of Jewish and Georgians. Nowadays, even 10 Jewish cannot gather in Oni in order to hold a religious service in the Synagogue… In older times, there were thousands of Jewish people living in the area making the relationships colourful.

Similar sad situation can be encountered in Akhaltsikhe as well, where there are two Synagogues in Rabati District and only three Jewish Families.

Here, in Rabati Castle, which was passed into the hands of the Ottomans in XVIII, there are remarkable late Ottoman architectural landmarks – Madrasa and Mosque (1747-1752) built under the order of Beglarbeg Haji-Ahmed Pasha. This building is mentioned by Frédéric Dubois de Montpéreux as an “architectural masterpiece”.

18 April – Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility

Media report regarding the project – “Sustainable Rehabilitation of a Heritage Site” by Online Edition “Publika”.

First Channel media report regarding restoration works on Mepe Solomon Brdzeni str. N33.

Participants of the conference organized by the Institute of Geophysics visited rehabilitation works on Mepe Solomon Brdzeni str. N33 within the ICOMOS Georgia program – “Sustainable Rehabilitation of a Heritage Site”.

Studio L with the Friedrick-Ebert-Stiftung South Caucasus Regional Office organized the Dialogue Platform – “Quality of Life – Preservation of Tbilisi’s Urban Heritage”. Within the project, participants visited ICOMOS Georgia Office and attended Seminar – Preserving Urban Heritage.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway – Helene Sand Andresen’s visit rehabilitation works on Mepe Solomon Brdzeni str. N33 within the ICOMOS Georgia program – “Sustainable Rehabilitation of a Heritage Site”.

President Steinmeier’s visit Betlemi Quarter

 Betlemi District Festival 2019

18th April, 2019

On International Day of Monuments & Sites a presentation of the research on Fortified Rural Settlements of Northern Highland of Georgia by Tsitsino Chachkhunashvili, Irine Elizbarashvili, Manana Suramelashvili was held at the ICOMOS Georgia office. An event had been attended by ICOMOS Georgia members and colleagues to celebrate IDMS.

Fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris


18 April, the International Day for Monuments and Sites

Workshop on compatible mortar for Tbilisi Historic Buildings

29.03.2019 – 31.03.2019

The workshop was organised by ICOMOS Georgia, Riksantikvaren within the Programme, “ Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site”. The aim of the workshop is to investigate the original earth mortar and choose the compatible mortar composition for the site under the restoration, through in situ testing and modeling. 10 alternative mortar compositions are applied and tested during the workshop. Results will be monitored, recorded and later laboratory tested. Apart from the project team invited craftsmen and young professionals have participated.

An Annual General Meeting of ICOMOS Georgia

An Annual General Meeting of ICOMOS Georgia was held on 27 February 2019. A new Board Members of the National Committee have been elected:
President:     Mrs. Nato Tsintsabadze
Secretary:     Mrs. Manana Tevzadze
Further members of the Board: Mr. Merab Bochoidze, Mrs. Lia Bokuchava,
Mrs. Tsitsino Chachkhunashvili, Mr. Irakli Kordzakhia, Mrs. Manana Suramelashvili
A new Statute of ICOMOS Georgia and Rules and Procedures to Become a Member of ICOMOS have been adopted at the AGM.

ICOMOS Georgia welcomes new members accepted: Mr. Shota Gujabidze, Mrs. Nino Ercomaishvili, & Mrs. Keteva Kordzakhia

Open Doors Day 22.12.2018

Open door day was held, at the 33, Mepe Solomon Brdzeni, for the Students from Self-Administration Graduate Program of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. Project experts have presented studies elaborated and future plans for the site restoration.

17.12.2018. Charge d’ Affaires a.i. Mr. Olav-Nils Thue and Honorary Consular of Norwagian Kingdom Mrs. Liana Sigua-Haerum have visited Pilot Site, 33, Mepe Solomon Brzeni, Isani and Betlemi Quarter in Old Tbilisi. They have got acquainted with the progress of the Pilot Site restoration plan under elaboration. In Betlemi Quarter, Honorary guests meat local community members who have recently managed restoration of their own historic properties as a follow up of Betlemi Quarter Revitalisation Programme funded by MoFa of Norway in 2003-2011.

Tbilisi, 16-17 October 2018

Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site, Tbilisi Georgia

Workshop – “The Analysis and Structural Restoration of Tbilisi Heritage Buildings”

Visit of the Donor

On 28 September, 2018, Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Mrs. Kerstin Wahlberg and Vegard G. Stensrud have visited the listed Site on #33, Mephe Solomon Brdzeni Street in Tbilisi where study and planning of the Site restoration is ongoing. The Project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

Worksop on Building Archaeology

On 5.08.2018, the workshop on building archaeology was held at the 33, Mepe Solomon Brdzeni Street in Tbilisi, within the Programme – Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site. Students from the Tbilisi Acadamy of Arts, Ilia State University, representatives of Cultural Heritage Protection of Ajara AR and ctaftsman of Ltd. Impost, took part in the workshop together with the Project experts team.


On 13.07.2018 a Presentation of the Pilot Programme – Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site – took place at the 33, Mepe Solomon Brdzeni in Old Tbilisi for representatives of: professional Institutions, national authorities of and neighborhood.

Sustainable Rehabilitation of Heritage Site (Tbilisi, Georgia)

The Programme is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Norway (Riksantikvaren)

Overall Objective of the project:

To support sustainable development process through heritage rehabilitation.

Specific Objectives:

  • To perform a full cycle of showcase restoration project in which high standard restoration principles shall be applied, traditional crafts and materials shall be used;
  • To achieve a “Learning by Doing” experience for a team of young local specialists working on restoration projects including among others: craftsmen, engineers, restoration architects, artisans, students, local community members, etc.
  • To disseminate knowledge through elaboration of a book of guidelines – manual on the restoration of Tbilisian dwellings that will be made available to all interested parties;
  • To establish a non-profit public foundation for the purpose of accumulating revolving funds for the restoration of historical sites of old Tbilisi.
  • Wider public awareness on social and economic values and benefits of authentic heritage rehabilitation.